A Place Called Home

What does home mean to you ?

We are running a competition for a limited time.

(Entries close June 16, 2022)

We’d love to hear your interpretation of “HOME’

Head to our instagram page @street2stageproject to find out about the competition and see other submissions. Make sure you are following and you will get a chance to win some great prizes.

How it works:

* Go to your own insta page.
* Simply upload a video of yourself recording a rhyme, a poem … or upload a written story, a photo, a beat, a verse, an audio story or even a picture of a house – it can be anything.

* Tag 2 friends and hashtag #aplacecalledhomechallenge

* That’s it ! and you can be in with a chance to win…

– Prizes include $500
– Mentor sessions with the S2S crew
– A chance to write and produce a song together with the team.
– Access to our next workshops.

Any questions. Contact info@street2stage.com.au

and don’t forget to check the instagram for more content. https://www.instagram.com/street2stageproject/

How I Joined Street 2 Stage...

Street 2 Stage came about quite some years ago. Owen was still at The Oasis Youth refuge in Surry Hills in Sydney and I was a guest there running a workshop on hip hop, rapping and DJing. They had a little studio set-up out the back, where I think they ran a kind of radio show or something. Not sure.

I met a young Owen back then who was into rapping and he was learning how to edit videos. He asked me to be his DJ for an upcoming event there. I accepted and eventually became his manager, because I saw a hungry (in more ways than one) artist and I wanted to help him develop his craft and see him succeed. A few songs were recorded and a few years later we proposed a school’s tour up and down the NSW coast where Owen (and Dwaine) took their story and music to the stages in 10 schools over 2 weeks.

It was fire!

The guys jumped out on stage in front of hundreds of school students to perform their own street life stories as raps. We had turntables for the beats and a couch set up on the stage to host an interview scenario where the guys could tell their stories in deeper detail for the audience to hear. The teens were moved by their stories and honesty.

They authentically connected with the audiences at all the schools and tore the house down with their music. The best way some of these guys can tell their story is through their music, or poetry, or art. We have been building a strong repertoire over the years and were just about to embark on another tour right when pandemic hit. We hope to revisit this concept for the coming year. You can check out some of our tracks and past photos and videos on street2stage.com.au

Today we are using social media more and more to tell our stories and with the Street 2 Stage Project we’ve taken to Instagram to deliver a competition for YOU to tell your story through any medium. Song, Written word, Audio recording, Video, Photo, jpeg, meme.etc..

Whether it be downloading the beat to ‘Carry You Home’ and recording your story over the instrumental and then uploading and tagging us in your profile. Or.. Using your phone to record a video or audio … or taking a photo of a home you want to share a pic of. . . 

tell us your story and your thoughts on the subject of ‘Home’ and what home means to you. And you will have a chance to win $500 or mentorship and songwriting sessions with the Street 2 Stage crew.

We are looking forward to hearing all your stories.


1.     All content uploaded must be original

2.     No excessive profanity

3.     No racist or culturally disrespectful content

4.     All content must be uploaded via Instagram and be accompanied by the hashtag #aplacecalledhomechallenge

5.     All entries to be submitted by 19th June 2022

6.     All entrants must be following the Street 2 Stage Instagram account

7.     All entrants must like the Instagram official competition post

8.     Content can be anything creative; not exclusive to music or film, but any creative piece that expresses what home means to the entrant.

9.     Each person can only enter one time.

10.  Each creative piece must be original under the ownership of the entrant.

11.  Entries will open 19th May 2022. Winner will be announced 24th June 2022

12.  The winner of the cash will be paid via digital credit card.

13. By submitting to the competition you give permission to street2stage to share your content via our website and instagram for the purpose of supporting the initiative and rasinig awareness of youth homelessness.