About Us

The Street 2 Stage project was initiated by Owen Davis (OE) and partner Micha Walter (Futureskool / MxdApe) when they collaborated with The Salvation Army in 2014 to arrange a tour around schools, raising awareness to teenagers about Youth Homelessness as part of the Salvo’s Couch Project. They presented a live stage show featuring hip hop music and an onstage interview retelling 2 young men’s stories of life on the streets as teenagers.

The initiative has evolved over the years since, building a strong online and IRL community through workshops, outreach initiatives, TV appearances and song releases.

The aim of the S2S project has always been to find young people with lived experience of homelessness and mentor them in a safe and loving environment to become great future mentors for the marginalised and disenfranchised youth of tomorrow.


This project has ensured that our mission to find and nurture young talented individuals continues. Through this initiative , we have built strong relationships with committed young people who have displayed a shared passion of hip hop and making a difference to our world. We will continue to nurture these relationships as we continue our larger plight to help as many individuals in need as we can. Most importantly, we will continue to use our available resources to create systemic change  that will help to reduce homelessness among youth and older to zero.

Quotes from our 2022 Participants

….helping disadvantaged youth … That was a hard time in my life. But now I’m better than I’ve ever been. Just want to show people that if they overcome the struggle there is light at the end of the tunnel. You know I’ve been through it, almost tried hard drugs but managed to have the self-control not to. If i can change one person’s life, I would be happy. This is a good cause so i really want it to be a big cause.” – Flew (Louis Flannagan)


“And you’ll never be where you want to be because naturally your mind has negative thoughts doubting you… but just try to reverse those and tell yourself about 10 times when you get those [negative thoughts] … “nah I am good I got this” and practice and improve. . . You have got this!!” – Trace


Bro yeah 💯 I was just saying to Owen that lately all this has really brought the real me out being able to show little snippets of my songs and that. Really appreciate that bro. And what I mean is I was really shy and put myself down but gaining that confidence plus all u guys support has helped – Matt